It’s Here! Announcing the Launch of iMirin

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I'm pleased to announce the launch of my new website

The new design is built with material UI aesthetic/style, called Material Design which is firstly released by Google in 2014. With Material Design, Google has brought uniformity to its UI (User Interface Design) on all platforms which includes websites, applications and the Android platform itself.

Basically, it’s a way to make design elements look like touchable, and the properties of Goolge itself are the best examples of material design. You will surely see the similarities immediately when visiting a Google site.

I have been working on the site for 2 weeks now and have used the following technologies and frameworks.

#Warp7 #UIKit #Joomla #materializecss

Mirinsoft continues to operate and I remain faithful to its name. Mirin is the abbreviation (short) for "admiring". iMirin follows this trend "(am) I admiring".

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will allow me to provide a valuable website to keep you informed on app development and other projects coming.

Please visit the new website and contact me with any questions, comments or concerns through this feedback form.

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